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Reflecting on the England Revisited journey, Simon writes:

"England Revisited was a journey of rediscovery. As in the All England Sculpture, it covered a distance of over 5000 miles in roughly the same time frame. The visit to each point, filmed by Linette Frewin in her series of 75 vignettes, can be viewed in the video diaries.

Our sincere thanks must go to all the farmers, landowners and local residents for access to their lands and sharing stories about each location. There was special pleasure in meeting farmers and correspondents from the first time round.

Where the All England Sculpture was a work about space, England Revisited is a work about Time. Time as evidenced by change or lack of change; changes that indicate where the land and its inhabitants have been and where it might be going; historical and future indicative.

I had little preconception as to what I would find when I set out. These may have been as implicit as trees and fate of trees, tree stumps, hedges, fields, fences, gates, gateposts, footpaths, milestones, roads, motorways, dry stone walls, playing fields, schools, village life, housing estates, new towns, brick works, clay pits, lead mines, coal mines, the mines strike, land fill, land restoration, wild life parks, landscape gardens, golf courses, grouse moors, pheasant shoots, the spread of invasive plants and the reappearance of long gone fauna, the national electricity grid, pylons and telegraph poles, the demolition of the railways and the modernisation of the remnants. More of a surprise were things like Italian POWs, a river cleaning system and a ghost road.

For England Revisited the observations are correlated to the original points."

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30th June 2010

Simon English was featured on Radio 4's Midweek, listen to the broadcast here. (Listen from 12 minutes in)
Simon English on Midweek